Premier Fire Retardant

High Performance MDF product.



MEDITE PREMIER FR (Flame Retardant) Euroclass B & C are MDF panels developed specifically for use in situations where a Euroclass B or a Euroclass C flame retardant board is required under building regulations. Developed at MEDITE’s world class MDF facility in Clonmel, MEDITE PREMIER FR broadens the range of the MEDITE family of high performance MDF products.


MEDITE PREMIER FR Euroclass B & C panel products are suitable for use as wall linings, partitions, display panels, ceilings etc. Typical installations are: hotel foyers, offices, public libraries, schools, court houses, hospitals and cinemas. MEDITE PREMIER FR products are not suitable for external or structural applications, or where exposure to water or high relative humidity may be encountered. MEDITE PREMIER FR Euroclass B & C are suitable for use in internal dry conditions as defined in EN622 part 5. Boards of this type are suitable for use in Hazard Class 1 of EN 335-3.

Performnce - Fire Resistance

MEDITE PREMIER FR Euroclass B & C panels applied as the wall skin in a symmetrical non-load bearing partition were tested in accordance with the criteria of BS 476: Part 22: 1987. The partition specification as detailed in the technical user guide has to be fully duplicated in order to achieve a fire resistance performance of 60 minutes for Euroclass B and 30 minutes Euroclass C panels. Please refer to the technical user guideline “MEDITE PREMIER FR 30 minute Partition Wall” and “MEDITE PREMIER FR 60 minute Partition Wall” which can be downloaded from the MEDITE PREMIER FR Product page of our website.



Sheet Size (mm)

Class C:

1220 x 2440

1220 x 3050

Class B:

1220 x 2440

1220 x 3050

Thickness (mm)


12, 18



12, 18



Delivered with SND